Making The Most Of A Short Trip

As many of you know, I recently traveled to Canada on a week long family trip in Whistler, B.C.! My boyfriend and I flew into Vancouver a day early mostly for practicality sake, but also to see the city a bit and explore before meeting up with the rest of my family in Whistler. Although we were only there for a short 24 hours I thought I would share with you how to make the most out of a short trip like this, the planning that I do beforehand, and how to find the best spots in a short amount of time!


-> First things first, I always suggest planning around the time you have. Be realistic in your expectations and time constraints for your trip. If you want to go see a certain spot and it is not within a 30 min drive/walking distance, venturing further out will cut into your limited time. My plan for Vancouver was to do everything we could within walking distance of our AirBnb or a short taxi ride.

-> Do your research of the area! I found a few areas close by us in the city that I wanted to see. We were staying close to Stanley Park and I knew I wanted to walk around it and explore. I also knew I wanted to walk around English Bay Beach at sunset for the views and the music!

-> I also suggest looking at a few restaurants before you go for easy meal choices. If you are limited on time, having a set dinner reservation allows you to plan around the meal and also limits the dreaded conversation of “what should we eat tonight?” My suggestion for food is to be adventurous! Try new things, go to local spots not chain restaurants, and try things on the menu outside of your comfort zone.



I know a lot of this is self-explanatory but I always suggest planning ahead and having a short list of things you want to do!

I couldn’t recommend Vancouver more and I definitely will be going back for a longer trip next time! The city is beautiful, the people were so nice, and the weather is perfect!We have so much left to explore and see.

Food tip: We had brunch at The Teahouse in Stanley Park and it was some of the best food and coffee that we ever had, everyone should go there!!