North Face Storm Break 3 – Tent Review


8/10 Would recommend this tent, now let me tell you why-

And believe me!

This tent has seen a lot!!


This particular tent has been through snow, rain, freezing temperatures, warmer than usual days, high winds, and all the in-between while camping!

Never once have we seen a zipper or seam leak any water and it has always served us well in rain! I would also say that this tent is very spacious for two people (three would be a tight fit but still possible in a bind)!


North Face Stormbreak 3 Tent! You can see a vestibule that is folded to the side and the large mesh side doors!

Features we love:

  • This tent has two VERY good sized vestibules (vestibules = a fancy word for basically a mudroom that extends outside of your tent to store gear, shoes, and even backpacks when it’s not raining).
  • It is sooooo easy to pitch this tent. Takes us 3 mins probably and that is great for when you are in awful weather and just for ease!
  •  It’s a backpacking tent and is very compact!
  • This is a 3 season tent and has never leaked in multiple storms, it has with stood winter weather of below 20 degrees, 20-45 mph wind gusts, and you can stay cozy inside while all this incliment weather is happening.
  • We love the gear storage canopy on top, as well as, the pockets on the sides for even more organization.
  • The price point! For an entry-mid level tent this is a great value! We don’t plan on purchasing another tent of this size any time soon!


Features we would change:

  • The stakes the tent came with lasted one trip and that is all! So I recommend purchasing some higher quality stakes before your trip!
  • Some small condensation during colder nights pools at the top of the rainfly and can/does drip on you occasionally in the morning hours.
  • A lot of people have said that it is too cramped for 3 people, I will second that like I said above. It would be difficult and probably a tight squeeze but possible doable with 3 smaller people.


Overall, I did a ton of research on tents before I decided this was the one for us! Of course it might not work for everyone. I recommend taking what I said into consideration and taking the time to look at what is right for you!


My first night in the tent, freezing rain all nigh long, but we survived!

Happy Camping!